The entire Phantom Regiment organization would like to thank all of its donors for their generous gifts and support. Every dollar is critical and every contributor like you is the reason we are able to continue to provide a life-changing experience for our students as well as an entertaining show to our fans.

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Thank you for your continued support!

Note: Booster members highlighted in bold have increased their contribution from last year; denotes alumni. If we have listed you incorrectly, please contact us at [email protected] so we may correct it.

Presidents Club
  ($1,200 & Up)  

Glen Brough

Sharon Burks Horos

Dan Farrell

Gary Lapekas

Sean & Shannon Lapekas

Chuck McCurdy

Steven Miller Dana & Fran Pelan  
Chevron Club
  ($600 – $1,199)  

Chris & Allison Atkinson

Paul Daffinee & Veronica McQuillan

Jim Dixon

Renee Fieldhouse

Susan Fisher

Gerald & Connie Mara

Steven Martell

Greg & Teresa Newell

Warren & Karen Newell

Jana Simpson

Julie Webster


Super Booster
  ($300 – $599)  

David Hodges & Bunny Anderson

BJ Harris Trucking Co Inc

James Dyckman

Steve & Julie Firkus

Robert Foehl

Ellen & Fred Franke

Edwin Hoskins

Sam Iwafuchi

Arnie & Sue Lehto

Joyce & Richard Ramer

Mike & Sandra Robinson

Eric Sabach

Dave Schultz

Steve & Jan Washburn

  ($125 – $299)  

Billy Adkins

Dewey & Sue Anderson

Beth & Gary Bruner

Dennis & Becky DeClercq

Byron Dill

Diana & Michael Farrell

Sandra Fetcho

David Fisher

Kenneth & Susan Furlong

Jeff Gentry

Roger & Sara Gilbert

Darryl & Sandy Holtmeyer

Gary & Diane Kisting

Leaf River Lions Club

Zach Malsom

Curtis & Elizabeth Matlin

Terry & Revia Maurer

Travis, Elias & Margaret Mooring

Michael Oldemeyer

Mark & Lorie Patterson

Harvey Phelps

Ron Schulz

Jack & Barbara Simon

Joyce Whitehead

Joyce Whitehead

Bob Wittock

Bill & Myrna Woods

  ($60 – $124)  

James & Martha Anderson

John & Cindi Baumgartner

Eric & Carrie Billman

Wayne & Tricia Bovenschen

Shawn & Heidi Breon

Vikki Broaddus

Stu & Karlen Crane

Brandt & Janet Crocker

Charles Davis

Dennis & Dru Dukart

Jean Flink

Ellice Ford

Dan & Marlyn Gonzales

Michael & Jeanne Grant

Rick & Cindy Handel

Kevin Hanstine

Jean Henry

Lorene & Lyle Jastram

Justin Johnson

David Kampschroer

Emily Kubitskey

Allison Lendman

Carl & Carol Lind

Joe Nohl

Arthur Parker

Kathy Roushey

Bill & Amy Russell

Javeed Shah

Bob & Peg Stolberg

Wally Thayer

Louie Valenzuela

Jean Vanlandingham

Bob & Kathy Vigna

Marilyn Wallen

Rhee Ellen Wright

Vincent & Ramona Zalapi

Ron Zimmer

Other Donations
  (Under $60)  
Thomas & Patricia Brown Philip & Marian Clark Vickie Collins

William Ferrato

Veronica Flores

Andrej & Olga Jestafie

Rich & Teresa Lynch

James Sadlon

Rick & Teresa Thompson

Gerald & Judith Wille

  Kerr’s Music World  
  PG Display