The 2009 season is just around the corner. For those wishing to audition, the audition packets will be mailed shortly as we’re just firming up all of the housing sites.

But so that you can plan, below is the 2009 camp schedule. All of the camps will take place in the Rockford area.

You can also read more information about auditions by going to How to Join. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.





Fri, Nov-28-08 Sun, Nov-30-08 Brass & Conductor Audition Camp
Fri, Dec-5-08 Sun, Dec-7-08 Percussion & Color Guard Audition Camp
Fri, Jan-2-09 Sun, Jan-4-09 Music/Visual Camp #2 (no guard)
Fri, Jan-30-09 Sun, Feb-1-09 Music Camp #3 (no guard)
Fri, Feb-27-09 Sun, Mar-1-09 Music Camp #4 (no guard)
Fri, Mar-27-09 Sun, Mar-29-09 Visual Camp #5 (no guard)
Fri, Apr-24-09 Sun, Apr-26-09 Visual Camp #6 (full corps)
Fri, May-15-09 Percussion – Mini Camp – Dallas, TX
Tue, May-19-09 Brass/Guard – Mini Camp – Rockford College
Fri, May-22-09 Spring Training Begins – Rockford College