Phantom Regiment Brass Staff Announcement

Phantom Regiment is pleased to announce its 2009 brass staff. Music Arranger and Caption Head, J.D. Shaw will be joined by returning veteran staffers:

  • Freddy Martin, Brass Program Consultant
  • Dr. Chip Crotts, Trumpet
  • Kevin Rabon, Trumpet
  • Andrea Brown, Mellophone
  • Taylor Criswell, Euphonium
  • David Cooksey, Tuba
  • Mason Daffinee, Tuba

New to the full time staff this year will be Mellophone instructor, Chris Rugila and Euphonium instructor, Jeremy Figlewicz, both alumni of PR.

In addition, Phantom Regiment is excited to announce the return, after a 3 year hiatus, of brass pedagogue, Sam Pilafian. Sam instructed the corps in 2003-2004 and played integral role in establishing the modern Regiment brass pedagogy. Welcome back, Sam!

Stay tuned as further staff announcements regarding the rest of the staff will be made in the following days.

2009 Instructional Staff