The entire Phantom Regiment organization would like to thank all of its donors for their generous gifts and support. Every dollar is critical and every contributor like you is the reason we are able to continue to provide a life-changing experience for our students as well as an entertaining show to our fans.

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Thank you for your continued support!

Note: Booster members highlighted in bold have increased their contribution from last year; denotes alumni. If we have listed you incorrectly, please contact us at [email protected] so we may correct it.

Chevron ($1,500 +)

Tom Blair Tim & Lisa Farrell Greg Lommen
Richard & Susan Brabeck Renee Fieldhouse Greg & Teresa Newell
Glen Brough York Franke Warren & Karen Newell
Molly Buhck Paul Holden Michael Oldemeyer
Dan Farrell Sean & Shannon Lapekas Daniel Richardson
Jack Farrell

Conductor ($1,000 – $1,4999)

Bergstrom Foundation Mark Deany Greg Farrell
Janice Sharp & Frank Bieser James Dixon Jana Simpson
Mike Cesario

Patron ($750 – $999)

Anonymous Donor Tracy Fritzsching Richard Patterson
Dave Barlow Jason Harvath Ron Schulz
Matthew Brewer Jean & Don Patterson Christy & Dan Vehe

Booster ($400 – $749)

Susan Fisher Sharon & David Horos Ed Washburn
Robert & Jennifer Foehl Arnie & Sue Lehto Justin & Jennifer Wilkey
Tom & Dee Ghinder Sharon & Larry Pearce Rhee Ellen Wright
Ray Hayes Dorothy Romberg John S. Yuille
Mark Hill Peter Saar Ron Zimmer

Donor ($150 – $399)

Dick & Pat Ambrose Ken & Sue Furlong Aaron Ozminski
Dewey & Sue Anderson Great Lakes Community Mgmt Corp Karl Peterson
Billie Boute Ken Honsberger Keenan Pituch
Terry & Marilyn Clark Leaf River Lion’s Club John & Dala Prather
Sheri Clubb Roxanne & Fred Lenway David Rhodenbaugh
Jay Smith & Dan Coleman Andy Lichtentein Kathy Riley
Tracy Cooper (Dodge) Ron Mandernach Steve & Janis Sheffey
Amy Drendel Curt Matlin Barbara & Jack Simon
Dr. Michael Emery Terry & Revia Maurer Dennis Smith
Joel Firchow Mark & Doreen Garcia Mazzucco Carl & Rebecca Towns
Garry Flemings Roger Meeker Katherine Vehe
Ellen Franke Herb & Cindy Mills Judy & Gerald Wille

Phan ($75 – $149)

Jerry & Rae Ambach Veronica Flores Jay & Angie Langley
Chris Atkinson Jim Forsell Brian Marsalli
Kash Barker John Gedraitis Michael Marshall
James Barrett Griff Godwin Carol & Hal McCabe
John & Cindi Baumgartner Carla Gossell Robert McMorrow, Sr.
Brett Beauregard Tim Griffin Lynnea Mensching
Gretchen & Shannon Behimer Ray Gunderson Dennis Olson
Steve Bell Gordon & Judy Hart David Osman
Carol & Robert Blonowicz Anne Hauser Jeff & Julie Palkowski
Douglas Bottger Jean Henry Glan & Linda Perry
Rick Brown Jim & Sharon Hess April Rabanera
April Bruce Susan Hess Paul & Alison Rainbow
Bob & Kathy Buell Cathryn Huch Ronald & Anastasia Raymer
Charles Calvin Ed & Pat Huesing Michelle Rojo
Sunny Casarez Kenneth & Pamela Ikier Steven Schneider
Mary Jo Castillo Wendy Jacobs Joanne & Jay Sollers
Ana Chairez Carissa Shannon Jenkins Lisa Soo
Charles Davis Gail Jindrich Christina Steward
Direct Enterprises Inc Russ Johansson Peggy Stolberg
John & Lora Emerson James & Pamela Keeling Darrell & Nancy Tarnow
Ed, Laura & Brian Fanning Jeffrey Kiner Joel Toupin
Sandra Fetcho A. Kieth Klemp Bob & Kathy Vigna
Cathy Fiordelisi Brian, Butch & Judy Kuntzelman Dr. John Wonderlick
Pat Fiordelisi Jeff & Sandy Kuntzelman Audra Zigler

Basic (Under $75)

Norma Aronson Bernadette Limke Will & Brandi Richards
Dick & Sally Baker Carl & Carol Lind Camilla & William Roberts
Jerry & Patricia Bolstad Richard Lindsey Glen & Sandra Rostek
Gretchen Chamberlain Ramiro Martinez Carol Saluga
Karlen Crane Mike Miceli Anonymous
Don & Donna Criswell James & Theodora Middleton Trista Smith
Eric Donaldson Mike Nangle Wally Thayer
Phyllis Gallano Larry & Betty O’Neal Jerry Trego
Roger Gilbert Patriot Excavation Inc Mr & Mrs John Whitehead
Clif & Joan Gray Dave Peters



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