Be a part of the 2019 Phantom Regiment! How? Volunteer!

It takes a lot of volunteers to keep the Phantom Regiment on the road each summer and we want you to be a part of it!


  • Food Crew: Our phantasic team that fuels our members and staff.
  • Uniform/Sewing Crew: The team that is responsible for altering and maintaining our uniforms and other projects. – Strong sewing skills needed.
  • Merchandise Crew: Our brand ambassadors on the road – they sell our merchandise to Phantom Phans across the country.
  • Production Crew: Day to Day production needs of the corps, including prop maintenance. These roles are for those who meet the age eligibility of a marching member – must be 21 or under.
  • Medical Team: Care for our members and staff during spring training and tour
  • Drivers: Lead Vehicle, Merchandise Trailer – We can always use drivers – Most driving is done at night.
  • LOCAL: Can’t tour, but Phantom Regiment will be in your area during the summer – come for the day and give a volunteer some rest, be a local guide to run errands, other misc. tasks

Our volunteers have a lot of fun, get to enjoy the drum corps experience and work very hard! Drum Corps volunteering is demanding. There are long hours of work that are needed to make sure our members have a Phantastic experience this summer. Tour can be a very stressful place. Things to consider are lack of sleep, extreme temperatures, vehicle breakdowns, and member disappointments. A volunteer has to push through all this and be there with a smile and words of encouragement!

However, the rewards are worth it! You will have opportunities to watch rehearsals, attend drum corps shows, and watch how the show and our members grow throughout the season. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the members when you hand them their favorite food truck meal, mend their uniform, fix a prop, etc., and the simple words of “Thank You” make all your hard work worth it.

Volunteer Expectations

  • Age Requirements: 18 years and older. Minors must be accompanied by parent/guardian.
  • Driving Corps Vehicles:
    • Anyone driving a corps vehicle must be at least 25 years old
    • Prior approval by our insurance provider is required
    • We require a photocopy of driver’s license
  • Background Check: All volunteers spending more than 48 consecutive hours with the corps MUST complete a background check before joining the corps on the road. Volunteers must also receive, read and sign/acknowledge receipt of the Phantom Regiment Volunteer handbook.
  • Food/Housing: While on tour, Phantom Regiment will provide food, lodging, and travel accommodations. (Phantom Regiment is NOT responsible for food on free days, travel to and from joining the corps, medical expenses, etc.)
  • Emergencies: It is strongly advised for volunteers to complete a medical form and keep it on file with the corps.

Joining the corps on the road

Please note that you may have to wait at an airport, bus station, train station, etc. if you need transportation to the corps’ current housing site. Keeping tour management staff updated about your travel is essential.


Please do NOT purchase any flights until you have been cleared by your background check AND you are given the day/airport we will be using that day. We are not making airport runs every day.

What’s Next – Contact us!

Please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Include your name, e-mail, cell phone, volunteer position you are interested in, and dates available (please include any flexibility you may have.) You will then receive information on how to complete the background check as well as other additional forms. Once everything is returned, you will receive a confirmation that we have received all your documentation and information on your specific tour time and job.

Spring Training starts Wednesday, May 15th in Rockford, Illinois and Summer Tour Ends after Finals in Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturday, August 10th.

Please review your schedule and the Phantom Regiment Schedule then contact us with your availability.