In celebration of 60 years of great drum corps in Rockford, we are bringing you into the lives of the members of Phantom Regiment, highlighting alumni from every decade. This month, we are featuring two of our more “Phantom Phamous” phamily members who have gone on to arrange for the drum corps….

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JD Shaw
JD Shaw 

When did you march in Phantom Regiment? Which section were you a member of? 1990 and 1991, as a mellophone player. JD Shaw

Give us a quick run down of your life outside of drum corps: I am currently Professor of Horn at University of South Carolina. I earned a Master of Music from Eastman School of Music and my Bachelor of Music at Wichita State University. My family includes my wife, Roseanne, and my children, Sonora (11) and Xavier (9).

Do you see any life skills you learned in drum corps applied in your daily life now? How has your drum corps experience benefitted you? Striving for perfection in everyday life is a skill that drum corps instills. Drum corps has benefitted me by providing a family of close friends.

JD Shaw

Do you have a favorite Phantom Regiment memory? Please share! My favorite memory is putting on the white uniform for the first time and feeling like a 10-foot tall God!

How have you stayed involved with Phantom Regiment over the years? I taught in 1993-1994 and then taught and arranged for the corps from 2002-2011.

JD Shaw

Tuning euphoniums in 2007

Why do you think it is important to donate to Phantom Regiment? If you value the mission of a particular organization, then you might donate to see the perpetuation of those principles for future generations of students.

What is your favorite Phantom Regiment show? Why? My favorite show is from 1983. Listening to the power and artistry of that brass line was what motivated me to march Phantom Regiment.JD Shaw

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