The leadership team of Phantom Regiment would like to formally address our alumni, donors, members, phamily, and friends regarding our plans for the 2024 season. Our community, characterized by its intimacy and mutual support, feels the impact when any member organization takes a pause from our activity.

With the exception of the necessary cancelation of performances in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a single occurrence in the mid-1960s, the Phantom Regiment Drum Corps has consistently taken the field every year since its inception in 1956. Throughout this journey, we have faced formidable challenges and tough decisions, often relying on the generosity of dedicated individuals to ensure the continuity of our programs. Regardless of the challenges of the past, Phantom Regiment is in good financial standing and will confidently be taking the field in 2024.  

Building off the success of the 2023 season, our returning design and instructional team is hard at work crafting yet another unforgettable experience for our members and devoted fans. We are measured and deliberate with respect to what can be sustainably accomplished within our current and projected means. Our fundamental goals are straightforward – we aim to be a beloved fan favorite and a haven for performers, artists, and educators. 

The professionalization of drum corps is a vital step for our activity. We acknowledge that we are no longer small-scale operations, but sophisticated organizations with leadership teams that demand financial transparency and donors who seek responsible fundraising practices. Since emerging from the epidemic, we and our colleagues across the activity have been working together as a collective movement to address the larger challenges that affect the drum corps community, such as rising transportation costs and summer housing. Phantom Regiment has since made great strides to enhance the quality of member experience, streamline operations, and extend our community outreach. We express our gratitude to DCI for their current and future leadership, and are eager to collaborate with our peers to find practical solutions to these complex issues.

We look forward to seeing you in the stands, in the lot, at our fundraising events, and for so many of you, right on the field. Our mission is to create life-changing experiences through performing arts education, and we are dedicated to making you proud on our journey to achieving it.

Thank you,

Jeff Hassan, President, Board of Directors
Robin Lanning, Vice-President, Board of Directors
Amanda Hamaker, CEO