Thank you!

We knew you would make sure we defeated the rival Cavaliers! In our inaugural Backyard Brawl fundraising challenge, however, we both came out winners. We both were able to get a great start on our fall fundraising, which is always the most difficult time of the year for drum corps. For that, we have you to thank. So, again, thank you.

Phantom Regiment pulled in a whopping $32,217 to Cavaliers’ $28,512, a difference of $3,705. While there is no doubt the two nearby corps have been rivals for decades, it’s a friendly rivalry. And we look forward to crushing them in this contest again next summer!

The funds raised will ensure a solid end to the summer tour and help with some unexpected expenses that came up along the way.

Most importantly, we were thrilled and humbled to have had more than 300 individual donors contribute to this campaign. That’s the most who have donated to a single campaign in at least a dozen years.

Keep rooting us on these final couple weeks, and we hope to see you at DCI World Championships in Indianapolis on Aug. 9-11.