Annie Pelka
Color Guard Instructor

Annie Pelka is a Chicagoland native who grew up cultivating a strong background in both movement and performance. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance; studying effort, shape, harmony, and pedagogy. She was a member of the Phantom Regiment for 4 years, learning from a variety of Caption Heads, and experiencing a wide range of performance styles during her time as a performer.

After moving to Atlanta, Georgia for the opportunity to be a part of the return of the Phantom Regiment Winter Guard in 2007, she stayed to learn from the wealth of experienced teachers in the area.

Annie is the Guard Director at Kell High School in Marietta, and choreographs for many performing groups in the greater Atlanta area. She is able to use her knowledge of the body to bolster her work as a Massage Therapist, while guiding her students towards their greatest human potential.

Annie is humbled and honored to step into the role of Caption Head for 2014, but only with the incredible support of a top quality staff, and a fantastic membership.