As the Regiment begins to wind up it’s West Coast tour, we are finding new phans along the way. We’re glad you’re here! Here’s a few tips to stay up to date with us.
The official website of the Phantom Regiment. You can find everything from the mail stops, scores, tour schedule, daily schedule, online store* and of course – how to donate here.

Purchase Tickets
If you’re looking to purchase a ticket to one of our events that we produce:
– Music on the Border, Paddock Lake/Salem, WI on Wednesday July 13
– Show of Shows, Rockford, IL on Sunday July 17
– Drums Across the Tri-State, Charleston, WV on Tuesday August 2
– DCI World Championships, Indianapolis, IN – August 11-13 (We’re not producing these events, but you can buy tickets in Regiment fan blocks)

Then you can find out more information and buy your tickets here: Buy Tickets

If you’re looking for tickets to any of the other shows, you can find info at
The official Regiment Facebook page. Join over 83,000 fans on this page and keep up to date with the daily going ons of the Regiment. Interact with other fans from across the world. This is where you can also find photos and video updates. Just go to and click the “Like”!

If you have an iPhone/iPod/iPad or an Android phone – you can also purchase the official Phantom Regiment app at: There Really Is An App For That.

We’re always looking to increase our Booster Club membership which is the main fundraising campaign of the organization. Please donate by becoming a member here: Join the Booster Club

We hope you’re enjoying the 2011 production Juliet! We look forward to your continued support!

* Please note: Since we headed West right out of the gates, we’ve taken ALL of our inventory with us, so therefore, the online store does not have 2011 t-shirts in stock. We are looking to stocking the online store when the corps gets back into town late July.