Band directors in the Rockford, IL or Charleston, WV area that are interested in bringing a top notch drum corps to your school for a day should contact us at (815) 226-2835 or by email ASAP.

Bringing a drum corps into your school is great exposure for your high school band members! Besides, you can get free tickets to the show! The Regiment places corps in each of our shows (Rockford, IL and Charleston, WV) into local high schools for a day.

Here’s what a typical schedule might look like:
5:00am – Arrive. This is probably the only toughest part – being there, or having someone there, to greet them this early in the morning 🙂 The corps members will sleep in the gym; staff and volunteers will sleep in 3-4 classrooms; and the drivers will sleep in 1-2 classrooms that are away from everybody else and are air conditioned and dark so they can get a good days sleep.

9:00am – Breakfast. Corps will make all meals out of their food truck. Only thing they’ll need would be access to a water spicket, access to normal 110v outlets, and access to the garbage dumpsters.

10:00am – Rehearsal. Hopefully the weather is great so they will all rehearse outside. They will need 2 to 3 full size football fields – or grass space large enough for a football field. Don’t worry about having no lines, as all corps know how to paint their own football fields using water based athletic spray paint. Access to the football stadium or other area with a high vantage point is always a good thing!

1:00pm – Lunch

2:00pm – Rehearsal. BTW – all rehearsals are generally open to the public. So this is a great time for your students to come and watch them rehearse. Some corps are happy to have a instructor or two talk to your group if planned in advance.

5:00pm – Dinner and clean up.

7:00pm – Depart school

Of course, this is just an example of a typical schedule as each corps varies.

If you are interested, or want more details, please contact us at (815) 226-2835 or by email.