Brandi Richards
Visual Instructor

Brandi Richards, a native of Memphis, TN, is joining Phantom Regiment for the 2014 season as a dance/movement visual instructor. Brandi is no stranger to the organization, as she was a member in 2005 & 2006 (serving as co-captain for the colorguard).

She graduated from the University of Memphis in 2006 with a Bachelor of Professional Studies in Choreography & Design. Her performance experience additionally includes: 2003 & 2005 Chimeras Winterguard, Nashville, TN; 2004 Santa Clara Vanguard; and 2007 Phantom Regiment Winterguard. Brandi has taught, designed, and choreographed for high school and collegiate groups in the Mid-South area. From 2008 2010, Brandi taught ballroom dance at Arthur Murray Studios in Burlington, MA, where she was recognized as one of the top dance instructors worldwide.

Brandi currently resides in Minot, ND, where she has performed and choreographed stage productions with local theater companies.