The Phantom Regiment needs your help in the Chase – the Chase Community Giving $1MM giveaway!

As you probably heard by now, Facebook users helped to vote the Regiment, and 3 other drum corps, to be in the top 100 charities in the Chase Community Giveaway. This guarantees us $25,000, but also gives a chance to win $100,000 or even $1 Million!

We’re looking for people that have been influenced by the Regiment to help with a video project we’re putting together for Round 2 voting. This includes alums of the drum corps; students from one of our educational camps; or even people who auditioned for the drum corps. Basically anyone that has had direct contact with any of the Phantom Regiment programs.

In the next round of voting, it is only the top 100 that are in the Chase. We would like to use your story to help highlight why the Regiment is worthy of Facebook user votes. Send us a short video with how the Regiment experience has helped you in your own words. Below are some examples of what you might talk about:

– The life changing experience you had with the Regiment
– What you may have learned that you’ve applied to other areas in your life, such as:
o Dedication
o Commitment
o Strong work ethic
o Honesty & Integrity
o Teamwork
o Doing the right thing, even when no one is watching
o Self-confidence

Just to name a few, as you may have something else you want to talk about. Of course, by submitting, you’re giving us your permission to use your video, or parts thereof whether in video or in writing.

There are numerous ways in which you can record yourself:
– iPhone video (video only limited to one minute)
– Built in iSight (on Macs) or web camera
– Camcorder (you’d then have to capture to your hard drive and send)

We’re only looking for short video segments – raw footage. Don’t worry about doing any editing, as we’ll take care of that. But you’ll want to keep it relatively short so you can easily send it to us. You can:
– Email: [email protected].
– FTP:

We’ll need videos submitted no later than Sunday morning.

Any questions, email us at [email protected].