We have had several calls from students and parents concerned about the weather in Rockford this weekend, specifically today since 4 inches of snow have already fallen with more on the way.

WE ARE HAVING CAMP!! Camp is still at Keith School in Rockford and we will be there to welcome everyone once they finally arrive. We are open and will never close camp as several members are already on their way either by car or plane. We also will always have a safe place for the members, staff and volunteers to come to. Plese do not turn around because you think we may cancel camp – WE WILL NOT!

We are aware several flights have either been cancelled or delayed. Whenever you safely arrive please take the VanGalder Bus up to the Clock Tower in Rockford as scheduled. But please be aware the last bus leaves O’Hare tonight at 11pm and from Midway at 10pm.

If your flight is cancelled and there are no other flight options please call the appropriate numbers and let us know.

Please be safe on your trip up here. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you so please be safe! We will be here when you get here.