Our “Big Idea” for the Chase Community Giving program has been posted. As you may have heard by now, we are in the running for $1 Million! We will need your vote to secure a position in one of the top 6 to receive either $100,000 or $1MM if we are the top vote getter.

Besides the Regiment, there are 3 other corps still in the running. Since you have 5 votes in this next round, we need you to vote for ALL 4 corps! You can use your 5th vote for your favorite other charity that is still in the Chase for $1MM.

So remember to vote on Jan 15th through the 22nd for: Phantom Regiment; Carolina Crown; Cavaliers; and Legion Aires (the Colts).

You can see our Big Idea here.

If you are having trouble finding the other corps’ info, we will post their links once we have collected them. So check back later tonight.