Congratulations to the Lincoln Way East High School Marching Band on being the Illinois State University 2007 Marching Band Championship Grand Champions.

1st Place – Lincoln Way East
2nd Place – Lake Park HS
3rd Place – Marion Catholic HS
4th Place – Lincoln Way Central HS
5h Place – Victor J Andrew HS
6th Place – Napperville North HS
7th Place – Morton HS
8th Place – Wheaton Warrenville South HS
9th Place – Waubonsie Valley HS
10th Place – United Township HS
11th Place – Naperville Central HS
12th Place – Illinois Valley Central HS

42 bands participated in prelims, with the first band stepping off at 7am. The top ten scores advanced to finals that evening, along with each class champion if they were not already one of the top ten scores.

Class champions from the prelims were:

Class 1A – Illinois Valley Central HS
High Percussion – IVC
High Color Guard – IVC

Class 2A – Morton HS
High Percussion – Morton HS
High Color Guard – Morton HS

Class 3A – Marion Catholic HS
High Percussion – Marion Catholic HS
High Color Guard – Marion Catholic HS

Class 4A – United Township HS
High Percussion – Bloomington HS
High Color Guard – Normal West HS

Class 5A – Victor J Andrew HS
High Percussion – Victor J Andrew HS
High Color Guard – Victor J Andrew HS

Class 6A – Lincoln Way East HS
High Percussion – Lake Park HS
High Color Guard – Lincoln Way East HS

Illinois State has held this unofficial state championship in the state for over 40 years and is one of the premier events of the fall marching band season. Dr. Steele and Dan Belongia from the ISU music department, and their staff do a tremendous job giving each band a wonderful venue to perform in front of a packed stadium. Even at 7am the stadium was already starting to fill. The bands do an amazing job considering what their morning schedule is, with a morning of travel, stretching, warming-up and then performing so early.

A big thank you to Barb Schantzen, Kurt Brooks and corps member Scott Schumann for helping with the Phantom Regiment souvie booth in the fieldhouse at the stadium. They started their day bright and early and stayed throughout the prelim and finals competition selling our merchandise and handing out audition information throughout the stadium. It is an honor to have great volunteers so willing to help us not only in the summer season, but also helping us promote both the corps and music education in the state.

For more information about ISU Band Day and the music department at ISU go here.