Another successful season of the Phantom Regiment Winter Guard came to a close this past weekend at the WGI Championships in Dayton, Ohio, with the guard finishing in 10th place in the Independent World Division with a score of 88.00 for their production of “It Takes Time.” The 28 members of the guard opened their beautiful butterfly wing floor, got set in their cocoons and had an incredible performance Saturday evening. From the butterflies “emerging” to learning to “spread their wings” and fly, the show was breathtakingly beautiful in terms of both the guard work and the costumes and sets of wings.

With the winter season behind us we now look forward to the warmer summer months with the color guard being an integral part of the Phantom Regiment’s 2008 production of SPARTACUS! We will be holding a second audition for the color guard at our April 25-27 camp. If you are interested in auditioning please visit the “How To Join” link on the front page of the website and register today.