On Feb. 12, Rahn Eelementary school, a kindergarten through fifth-grade school located in Mount Morris, Ill., just 15 miles southwest of Rockford, burned to the ground. Phantom Regiment has come to the school’s aid and is helping replace lost and damaged music instruments.

The result of a ceiling fire ignited by construction work, Rahn Elementary burned to the ground within 30 minutes of discovering the blaze. School was in full session and students had to immediately flee the building. Band class was in session, and students were told to set down their instruments and exit quickly. All instruments — school-owned and student rentals — were lost.

Along with local community donations, the Phantom Regiment is working to replace the school-owned instruments as quickly as possible. Students are now meeting at a local high school and an elementary band concert is scheduled for the end of March.

“We have already been able to replace some percussion instruments and are currently working with a few of our sponsors to replace lost school-owned wind instruments” Phantom Regiment director Pat Seidling said. “It’s my hope we can help get them fully re-outfitted in time for the concert.”

For more information on the fire, visit Rockford Register Star online at rrstar.com. To offer assistance, contact [email protected].