DRUM CORPS CHALLENGE – Combined Fundraising Campaign for the Drum Corps Activity Returns

You can help the Regiment win the DRUM CORPS CHALLENGE. Every dollar you donate will help our standing in this challenge! You can choose from any of our fundraising campaigns currently in progress, or just choose to donate to the Drum Corps Challenge.

The challenge runs between July 21st and July 29th. Read here for more detailed information about the challenge.

Donate to any of our campaigns to help us win the Drum Corps Challenge! Click on any of the links below:

60for60 Campaign – Help us celebrate our 60th anniversary by donating $60!

Fueled by Phans – Sponsor a meal to help Fuel the Regiment!

Booster ClubShow your support by joining our booster club! (Note: some benefits of joining have expired)

Helmet Bay PlaquePut your name on a helmet bay plaque in our new equipment trailer!

Drum Corps Challenge – or Help the Regiment win the challenge by donating below: