It’s been several years, but we are pleased to again be offering Regiment Block Tickets for the 2008 DCI World Championships to be held at Memorial Stadium on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington, Ind., on Aug. 7-9. Besides being able to sit with a group of Regiment fans by purchasing your tickets through us, you are also helping to raise money for the Regiment! A commission on ticket sales will be given back to the Regiment.

These blocks of tickets are not assigned by DCI until later, so we do not have exact seating locations right now. The ticket prices are the face value as set by DCI and we are only adding our normal convenience fee of $2.50 per ticket, like we do with our Show of Shows and Drums Across the Tri-State shows.

Please note: this is the 2nd offering of championship tickets – therefore, DCI does not guarantee that you will be in the same block of Regiment fans.

If you’re ready to enjoy the 2008 Phantom Regiment’s production of SPARTACUS
click here to purchase tickets to finals!