Phantom Regiment is pleased to announce tickets for DCI Regionals and Championships are now on sale through the Phantom Regiment! Our blocks continue to get larger each year filled with the best fans in the world!!! Get your tickets in the Regiment blocks today!

Buy your tickets and reserve your hotel room here.

While we don’t have the exact sections & rows, we have posted the sections we normally are placed in. Once we receive confirmation along with the row numbers, we will update accordingly.

But you can reserve your seats now! Orders will be filled on a first come first served basis. Tickets will be shipped via US Mail after May 1st.

We also have a block of rooms at the Regiment HQ hotel – Indianapolis Marriott Downtown. This is the same hotel that our end of season Celebration Brunch will be at as well.

So you can purchase your DCI World Championship tickets; reserve your Indy hotel; and purchase your ticket to the end of season Celebration Brunch all at the same time!

To find more information or to purchase/reserve any of the above, just visit this easy to remember website:

Over the previous 8 years that we have offered DCI tickets, our block has continued to grow in numbers. The support from our phans has been tremendous! The corps members can’t thank you enough for your support at their biggest show of the year.

Besides sitting with other Regiment fans, you will be participating in one of our largest fundraisers! The Regiment earns commissions on all tickets sold through us! Ticket prices are the same face value as set by DCI and we are only adding a nominal ticketing convenience fee of $5.00 per ticket (a savings of 33% from other ticket outlets).

We hope we can count on your presence and support again this upcoming August at Lucas Oil Stadium!

Order your DCI tickets; reserve your Indy hotel room & purchase your ticket to the end of season Celebration Brunch today!