We’ve emailed everyone that has requested the info packet or registered for the audition camp, but since the list is so large, some mail servers mail block our email. So just in case, we’re posting the email here.

If you just purchased the $10 packet, you still need to register for camp if you plan on attending. The early payment deadline has been extended until Sunday afternoon. So you can save time and money by registering now. Either way, keep reading for some reminders and a request for you located below.

If you have already paid and registered for the audition camp – then you are all set. We hope you are as excited as we are to go get going. When you arrive, you will only need to check in; where you will receive a ticket to show you’ve paid and checked in; have your photo taken; and that’s it. When you arrive, drop off your luggage in the gym, and get in line to check in. We will have souvenirs available all weekend, so you will have some time to do some Christmas shopping as well!

If you haven’t done so already, you can send us a picture so that we can print out your audition form ahead of time and then you could skip this step next weekend. If you do (or did) send one, don’t be surprised if we ask you to take another photo. That could happen if the photo you sent doesn’t fit our needs.

Make sure to bring a plain white t-shirt (or two) that you can write your name on (we will provide black markers – just be sure to not leave a mark on whatever table surface you are writing on).

Lastly, please fill out this arrival/departure info ASAP. Even if you are driving, we’d like to know how and when you are arriving. If you are flying in, fill in all of your flight info. This will give us and the Van Galder bus company an idea of what we need to plan for ahead of time. So PLEASE fill this out NOW:

Arrival/Departure Info Form

REMEMBER: you want to get off the Van Galder bus at the ELGIN, ILLINOIS stop. This is different from last year. You can also get a copy of the Van Galder bus schedule at the website above.

We look forward to seeing you and making sure you have a great experience!

Thanks and good luck next weekend!