Thanks to some very generous donors, we met Mike Oldemeyer’s $5k match challenge over the past weekend. The new total brings us over halfway to our goal of raising $50,000 before the end of 2019!

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Here are some other cool stats about our Year-End fundraising to date:

Total number of individuals who have contributed to our Year-End Campaign online or via Facebook

The number of individuals who have made more than one donation during our campaign! WOW!

Total amount raised to-date!

Paul Holden pledges to match the next $5k in donations!

We’re cruising toward one of our best Year-End Fundraising efforts of all time. 

Alum Paul Holden (PRC ’87-88, PR ’89) has offered to match the next $5000 in donations from right NOW through 12/31! 

It’s been 30 years since my last season with Phantom Regiment. When reflecting on my experience and describing it to my friends and colleagues – about the enormous amount of dedication, teamwork, leadership, physical endurance, creativity and being prepared each day to potentially face some new challenge – it always puzzles them how “band” could bring all of that and still have an impact to this day.

I’ve had the privilege to introduce new people to Phantom and drum corp the last several years during the annual BBQ lunch that my BBQ Team provides for the corps in Atlanta. This year a friend and work colleague of 20 years who had never seen Phantom or been to show got to be here. While watching rehearsal the staff told the members to reset for a complete run-thru from off-field and that they “only have 5 mins so let’s get it done in 2”.

He laughed and said, “That explains a lot about why you are able to do what you have done with your career: driving change, finding a solution when one doesn’t exist, and building high-performance teams that know how to deliver”.

I know without a doubt that I would not have had the success and ability to overcome challenges in my career and life if I had not been part of such a great organization and experience.


 – Paul Holden, Soprano

With your donations and Paul’s match, we’ll be less than $10k away from hitting our goal!

Will you join Paul, and over 231 Phantom Regiment heroes, and DOUBLE your donation today?