Over the years, we’ve seen several groups of individuals band together to sponsor a meal during our Fueled by Phans campaign. We created Team Sponsorships to make it easy for groups of individuals to make a donation directly to Phantom Regiment while also benefiting the group. This ensures each donor gets their own donation confirmation for tax-filing purposes.

Creating a team is easy!

  1. Designate at least one person from your group to serve as the Team Leader.
  2. The Team Leader should click here to create a fundraising page.
  3. Fill out the appropriate information, including setting a Goal Amount for your team.
  4. Once created, share the link to your team page with the members of your group.
  5. When you hit your Goal Amount – or when you are satisfied with the total amount raised – send an email to [email protected]. Robin will email you back with a code that will allow you to secure your Day/Meals for your team.

What if my team doesn’t hit their goal amount? As long as you’ve raised at least $200 you can sponsor a Snack on a non-premium tour day.

*Please note: Our staff has MANY responsibilities during the summer months. We do our best to keep track of your donations, but we do not have a way to automatically send out reminders about your team’s efforts. Meals often fill up toward the end of the season. We cannot guarantee meal sponsorships if we run out of meals to sponsor before your team meets its goal!