9 06, 2021

Can I pay with a check?

2022-05-24T20:46:46-05:00June 9th, 2021|

We are happy to accept a check as payment for your meal sponsorship. Once we receive your payment, we will provide you with a special checkout process to secure your sponsorship. Please email [email protected] for instructions if you'd like to pay with a check. Otherwise, you can pay with any major debit/credit card, Venmo, Paypal, or ACH through the links above.

9 06, 2021

What if the day/meal I want to sponsor is no longer available?

2022-05-24T15:19:45-05:00June 9th, 2021|

Fueled by Phans is one of our most popular fundraisers. Meal sponsorships often fill up quickly, especially for popular events. We recommend that you secure your sponsorships early. Meal sponsorships are on a first-come, first-served basis, and we do not hold meals without proof of payment. Every day is a special day for our members. If your preferred day/meal is already sponsored, we encourage you to pick a different meal/day and leave an encouraging message for the Phantom Regiment!

9 06, 2021

How do Team Sponsorships work?

2022-05-24T20:48:11-05:00June 9th, 2021|

Over the years, we've seen several groups of individuals band together to sponsor a meal during our Fueled by Phans campaign. We created Team Sponsorships to make it easy for groups of individuals to make a donation directly to Phantom Regiment while also benefiting the group. This ensures each donor gets their own donation confirmation for tax-filing purposes. Creating a team is easy! Designate at least one person from your group to serve as the Team Leader. The Team Leader should click here to create a fundraising page. Fill out the appropriate information, including setting a Goal Amount for [... Read More]

9 06, 2021

Can I leave a name or message of support for my sponsorship?

2022-05-24T20:48:47-05:00June 9th, 2021|

Yes! Once you're ready to checkout, you will be prompted with a form where you can leave a name, team name, or message. Messages are limited to 500 characters. Please note that we may not be able to fit your entire message on our whiteboard, but we will do our best to include it in social media posts and it will be listed on the Fueled by Phans calendar above.

9 06, 2021

Where will my sponsorship be listed?

2021-06-09T09:59:27-05:00June 9th, 2021|

We will share your sponsorship on the Food Truck whiteboard as well as on social media. Please be advised that due to the nature of tour your "Thank You" post may not go out on the day of your sponsorship. But we will do our best to post ASAP!