These are the last of the horns remaining from our sale this Spring and Summer. If interested please use the link below to contact us.

Quantity 4 – King 1141SP Marching Tubas. These are the last of the horns for sale and are in varied states, but playable. Minor shop TLC will give you great looking horns. This is a great investment for bands with a limited new instrument budget.

PRICE – email for details.
* BBb
* 4 valves
* .687 bore
* Nickel plated pistons
* 19-1.2″ bell
* Left-hand 4th valve
* Heavy-duty bracing
* Modular design with removable valve cluster
* Silver plated finish
* Hard-shell case with wheels ($500 value alone)

Also for sale…

Quantity 3 – King 1FRSP Vintage One Flugelhorns
Made by Conn.

PRICE – $1800.00 Each
* Key of Bb.
*.413″ bore; hand-hammered
* one-piece
* rose brass bell
* 3rd slide trigger
* Monel pistons
* silverplated finish.
Includes hardshell case. Sold w/o mouthpiece.

Please click on the link below to contact Eric Sabach for details, pricing, and shipping. contact Eric

This sale is on a “first come / first sold to” based on submission of either purchase order, receipt of a check, or receipt of credit card payment.