Veteran Regiment brass staffer Freddy Martin has been selected for induction into the DCI Hall of Fame for the Class of 2006.

Freddy earned this honor for his efforts in bringing drum corps to the south by creating the Spirit of Atlanta in 1977. As the founder of that legendary drum corps, Freddy’s efforts became the catalyst that created an explosion of drum corps interest in the southeast.

Freddy’s inclusion in this prestigious body is further supported by his extraordinary talents as an outstanding music teacher – of which the members of today’s Phantom Regiment are priviledged to experience.

Freddy’s nomination to the Hall of Fame was supported by letters from former students as well as current Phantom Regiment director Pat Seidling (on behalf of the Phantom Regiment) and former Regiment director Bob Lendman.

Freddy is not only a staff member for the Phantom Regiment, but he is a “Phantom Dad” too, as his son Mike was a member of the trumpet line in 2004.

We here in Phantom Regiment are proud to count Freddy Martin as a member of our drum corps family and extend him our most sincere congratulations. Freddy joins legendary Phantom Regiment icon Jim Wren and the visual great John Brazale (deceased) as DCI Hall of Fame members with direct ties to Phantom Regiment.

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