On behalf of the Phantom Regiment organization, I’d like to extend a sincere THANK YOU to all who helped make 2003 a special season.

Thirty consecutive years in DCI finals is no small feat, and nearly 50 years of creating a great place for young people to grow is even more special. The 2003 edition of Phantom Regiment ranks as one of our finest, and with the
continued efforts of all below, we see even greater years ahead!

To the members: Thank you for your time, talents, efforts and heart. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. To quote a song: “these are the days you’ll remember.” We hope your experience was all you dreamed it would be.

To the parents: Thank you for supporting your child in their endeavors. Music and artistic performance are food for the soul, and your children are blessed to have parents that nurture their love for the arts.

To the teaching and design staff: Your talents, altruism and sincere efforts as creative artists and educators have made a mark on our members and this corps that will live on for generations.

To the support staff: Cooks, drivers, wardrobe, souvenirs, medical, management. You were, in short, the most competent and fun support crew I have had the pleasure of traveling with. Without you there is no corps. Rest assured your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

To the Board of Directors, Booster Club Members and active Alumni: Thank you for ensuring that Phantom Regiment exists, and thank you for your collective vision that is driving this corps in such a positive direction. The foundation of this great institution is you.

To our many housing hosts in Rockford and across the USA: Thank you for opening your homes and schools to us. We are honored to call you “phamily.”

To our endorsing sponsors: Pearl, Adams, King, Zildjian, Stanbury, Vic Firth, Ceasario MTX, Style-Plus, Remo and the Breathing Gym – thank you for believing in our product as much as we believe in yours.

To our corporate sponsors: thank you for “buying in” and ensuring that the Phantom Regiment can represent our community in such a positive and far-reaching way.

To the fans who cheered, encouraged, wrote inspirational letters, bought souvenirs and in countless other ways showed the young adults of Phantom Regiment that they do in fact change lives with their art. Thank you.

Here’s to many more!

Sincerely and on behalf of the Phantom Regiment organization,
Patrick Seidling