I had to let you know what an AWESOME weekend Jake and I had at camp in Rockford this past weekend. Needless to say, he said it was the best birthday present he has ever gotten! I don’t think he has quit talking about it yet. He is already trying to figure out a way to earn the money it would take to fly up for the Snare Camp in June and he has another band friend who is going to try and earn his way, also.

I knew that Jake would enjoy hearing the music, but I don’t think I could have imagined that the whole experience would have such an impact on him, as well as myself. I can certainly say that within about 30 minutes of arriving at Keith School, we both sensed a wonderful “Phamily” atmosphere. The parents/adults were so friendly, as well as the corp members. The ladies even took me out to lunch and dinner while Jake joined the black bus group. I must say that Beefaroo was a real hit. Do you think you could get them to open up a location in Birmingham, Alabama?

Please let Mindy (Regiment’s Office Manager) know that her sweet personality on the phone was the thing that helped me to make up my mind to come to Rockford. She was so helpful with information on airlines, lodging, bus schedules, etc., and even sent me printed materials to help this Southern girl travel North!

It was amazing to look at the whole group and see how everyone had a part in the organization: food, sewing, planning, bus drivers, corp members, instructors, and so on. It was a pleasure to to be a small part of that by helping with uniform fittings as well as food prep.

I was able to have many questions answered by the parents and volunteers about being a corp participant, and I left with a great respect for your organization. I’m sure that Jake soaked up all he could from the drummers, as well. They were extra kind to him and I am so thankful. They even gave him a set of drum sticks which we are having framed for his bedroom. You can certainly consider us Regiment fans and we hope to volunteer at both Tennessee dates.

Please relay our thankfulness to all the members and volunteers for our great weekend. It will be a memory of a lifetime! Mrs. Angie Ford