We hope we have provided you with all the information you’d want to know about your favorite corps, but let’s take a tour where you can find it all!

On our home page www.regiment.org, you can find:

Daily Schedule — Look for the calendar icon on the top left. This calendar shows you our hourly schedule throughout the entire summer. Not only that, but you can also find out what school we will be rehearsing at; where the show is that night; who’s in it and what time; and, if you’re really curious, who the judges are. BUT, for tickets, you’ll need to find that info from DCI.org. The clue to finding all of this information is to click on the orange banner for that day – whether it says “Rehearsal Day” or the city of the show we’ll be at that night – ie. “Rockford, IL”. Once you open that box, all the info pops up, but it could be a little hard to read. So, click on the “more details” to view it in an easier-to-read format. If there is no detail listed on a certain day, please be patient. We update the calendar once everything is finalized for that day. We may still be waiting on housing or travel time to set the daily rehearsal schedule. Please keep checking back as we update it daily.

Fan Network — Don’t live near a stop on our tour? Well, you can join the Fan Network at www.fannetwork.org and see streaming video of select shows, some of them live!

Into the Light — Want to know how the show concept for 2010 was derived? Watch the informational video from our very own design staff. This can be found on the right side – look for the Into the Light logo.

Mail Time! — Everyone loves receiving mail from home while on tour. Look for the story on the home page – Mail Stops for 2010 Tour.

Letters from Lea – The always-popular member’s journal is up and running. This year, fourth-year member and age-out, Lea Conrad, will be filling everyone in on the day-to-day life of a member of Phantom Regiment.

Our latest score — You can keep up with our latest score by just scrolling down a bit on our home page. You’ll see a “Latest Scores” box. This will show the last show’s score, but you can also see all of our scores so far by going to the “Previous Scores.” The judging breakdowns, called recaps, can be found here too.

Weather — Interested in what the weather is like where the corps is? Right below the scores box, you’ll find the current weather in the city where the corps is located. This will be our rehearsal site. So you can enjoy or cringe with us for today’s weather all summer long.

The home page has many other current stories as well, including information on how to get your Show of Shows tickets as well as tickets for DCI Championships.

Facebook — If you want even more info about the corps, including a daily status update photos, and videos, be sure to check out our Facebook page. If you haven’t already, join the more than 31,000 people who have “Liked” our page. Look for the “Find us on Facebook” logo at the top of our home page. Once you go to our Facebook page, be sure to “Like” it!

Booster Club — Last, but not least, you can help us by becoming a member of our booster club. Your financial support will help to ensure a life-changing experience for the young people who participate in our organization. Please support us by joining our booster club at any level!

Thanks … and we hope you enjoy Into the Light!