We are excited to announce that the members, designers, staff, and volunteers of the 2018 Phantom Regiment Drum Corps will be headed to the beautiful shores of Hawaii for spring training camp!

“It’s been very difficult to keep this exciting opportunity a secret for so long,” said Executive Director Rick Valenzuela. “It has taken an enormous amount of coordination between the administrative, instructional, and volunteer teams. We’re all looking forward to spending the most rigorous portion of our season in one of the most beautiful places on earth.”

Phantom Regiment will be headed to Kamehameha High School in Honolulu, HI for the second half of Spring Training from June 1 through June 19, flying back to the mainland in time for the kick-off of the DCI tour in Detroit, MI on June 20th.

“We’re grateful to a generous sponsorship from American Airlines that makes this unique opportunity possible,” said Phantom Regiment Fundraising Manager Robin Lanning. “For a company that has a global reach, it seemed a natural fit to support an organization that has phans in every part of the world.”

To the members, instructors, volunteers, donors, and phans who have read this far: April Fools!