Phantom Regiment is proud to present our 2024 production, mynd!

Phantom Regiment’s 2024 production opens by peeling back the layers of the mynd in the hope of discovering a world of infinite possibilities. Delving into the depths of imagination, we unearth intrusive thoughts that run rapidly through the many facets of the mynd. At times, we even face constant and competing ideas, making it appear we are of two mynds. Each of these moments represents snapshots of the complexities within. In search of solace, we aim to tame those thoughts and gain peace of mynd.

mynd features a diverse array of passionate and powerful music, capturing moments of clarity and peace, as well as bouts of chaos, confusion, and self-doubt.


Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven
Surfacing by Dave Hall
Equilibrium by Paul Lovatt Cooper
Fly or Die by Gilles Rocha
Pillar III by Andy Akiho

Please join us as we embark on this adventure of imagination, where we discover the mynd is powerful beyond measure.