Jeremy Hunt
Visual Designer

Jeremy Hunt has served as a visual designer for many marching arts activities, including marching band, drum corps, indoor winter guard and drumline. Most recently, Jeremy wrote for BOA Grand Nationals Finalist bands Round Rock HS and James Bowie HS . In 2013, Jeremy was the drill designer for James Bowie HS when the program received the prestigious Sudler Shield award. Jeremy has also written for several Texas UIL State Finalist bands, including James Bowie HS and Lake Travis HS. Additionally, Jeremy has written for a number of BOA regional finalist and class champion high school marching bands across the country, including 14 state championship bands since 2004. Jeremy currently writes for Round Rock HS, Leander HS, Anderson HS and Duncanville HS.

Recently, regarding DCI, Jeremy has written for the Colts (2007 09) and Spirit of Atlanta (2010 12). Since 2001, Jeremy has also written for several indoor groups, which have achieved regional and national finalist results in all classifications. Most recently, North Shore HS finished 4th place in PSW at the 2014 WGI World Championships. Other highlights include four WGI medalists since 2001, including Mariner HS, the 2006 PSA gold medalist. Furthermore, Jeremy s visual designs have recently achieved success in the Texas Color Guard Circuit; since 2010, nine of his groups have received medals.

In addition to designing, Jeremy has also taught and judged in a number of different capacities. After marching with the Patriots and Bluecoats, Jeremy taught with the Carolina Crown, the Glassmen, and the Madison Scouts. During his time with the Madison Scouts, he served as visual caption head. Jeremy has also served as a judge for FFCC, RMPA, TCGC, and IPA, and has presented a clinic for WGAZ. He also does graphic design work and is an endorser for Winter Guard Tarps. Jeremy attended Western Kentucky University and currently resides in Austin, TX with his wife, Jamie.