Introducing the NEW Phantom Regiment Fan Network
DCI World Class corps team up to bring the largest collection of online drum corps media ever assembled direct to fans

Drum Corps International and the Phantom Regiment are incredibly pleased to announce one of the most ambitious Web-based undertakings since DCI’s founding some 36 years ago. The Phantom Regiment, with the other DCI World Class corps have come together to take the wraps off of the totally redesigned and wildly expanded Fan Network which now gives fans of drum corps across the world the chance to enjoy a spectacular, dizzying array of media options unlike anything ever offered before. Featuring unlimited and exclusive access to ALL of the action from the Regiment and ALL of the World Class corps on the 2008 DCI Summer Tour, incredible new features will help you catch every note of the excitement. But that’s just the beginning!

Giving You Ultimate Access to the Regiment and the other World Class corps of DCI…At your fingertips…24 Hours a Day…

The new Phantom Regiment Fan Network represents an unprecedented cooperative effort between the Regiment and all World Class DCI corps, who have combined all of their digital assets into one tremendous network interface. Not only can fans access the new Fan Network directly from, they can subscribe to, enter and live on the site directly from within Fans can now have access to the world’s greatest collection of drum corps media, with exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else.

More of everything you want, when you want it…

Organized into several different content sections, the new Phantom Regiment Fan Network is set up for easy viewing and direct access to all available digital assets from the Phantom Regiment and the other participating corps.


  • Daily features, with up-to-the-minute exclusive drum corps news and entertaining glimpses from the 2008 DCI Summer Tour
  • Exclusive backstage features posted from embedded corps video crews crisscrossing the country as they take to the road with the Regiment and other corps

On the Field

  • Live streaming video from select 2008 DCI Summer Tour events tentatively scheduled for Madison, WI; Stanford, CA; Denver, CO; San Antonio, TX; Atlanta, GA and Bloomington, IN
  • Post-show replay available for on-demand viewing of corps performances from select events, tentatively scheduled to include: Madison, WI; Stanford, CA; Kalamazoo, MI; Denver, CO; San Antonio, TX; Atlanta, GA; and Bloomington, IN.
  • Unlimited access to the entire Drum Corps International audio/video vault – with some performances and complete programs available for the first time ever — including all of the Top 12 World Championship performances since 1974
  • Audio and Video downloads of your all-time favorite performances…from the classics to the current day

Off the Field

  • Watch exclusive multimedia content combining the historical audio/visual vault of the Phantom Regiment and all of DCI’s World Class corps, many pieces digitized for the first time ever to deliver through this exciting platform


  • Watch and listen to a unique variety of drum corps-related podcast subscriptions, bringing even more enhanced content to your inbox or personal mobile device
  • Experience a variety of programs produced by the Phantom Regiment and other top DCI corps, featuring outstanding instructional media from DCI’s most respected music education professionals
  • Exclusive in-depth interviews, exciting features, and more

Now available for only $69/year!

With a new low subscription price of $69, the new Phantom Regiment Fan Network gives you complete access to this impressive display of media content for 365 days a year. Can’t get enough drum corps action? Well, NOW is the time to join the all-new Phantom Regiment Fan Network.

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