The 2011 Phantom Regiment’s Juliet was the top downloaded performance in 2011! DCI published the top 5 downloads in a few categories, and the Regiment was represented in ALL of them.

Besides being the top download in 2011, the Regiment has multiple entries in the other two categories as well! An accomplishment unmatched by any other.

The top 5 list are accumulated through Drum Corp International’s Fan Network starting from DCI’s earliest years through today. These lists are a definitive comprehensive resource for the activity.

Phantom Regiment is represented with:

2011 Audio Performance Downloads
#1 – Juliet, 2011 Phantom Regiment

Audio Performance Downloads (Legacy 1972 -2010)
#1 – Into the Light, 2010 Phantom Regiment
#4 – Spartacus, 2008 Phantom Regiment

Video Performance Downloads (1974 – 2009)
#1 – Spartacus, 2008 Phantom Regiment
#4 – On Air, 2007 Phantom Regiment

We are very proud of the performers and staffs from each of these years! But we are most thankful for all of our fans (aka phans) that are so dedicated to the Phantom Regiment!

To see DCI’s Top 5 comprehensive list – Most Downloaded Corps

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