For those fans that took advantage of our LAST CHANCE DCI TICKETS please remember we are not mailing them out to you – you MUST pick them up at the DCI Headquarter Hotel, The Westin, 50 Capitol St, Indianapolis, either Thursday, Friday or Saturday from 11am-12pm only, in the lobby.

If by chance something has come up in the last week and you are unable to get to The Westin to pick up your tickets, other arrangements can be made to Federal Express them to you for an extra charge, however you MUST contact the office by Tuesday, August 4 before 5pm Central Time. Do NOT call the office, but please send an email to [email protected]. We are not able to pick up phone messages before we leave for Indianapolis Wednesday morning. If you leave a message we will not get it until after DCI finals next week. If there is a conflict we don’t want you to miss finals!!

If you check the status of your order through our website and it states the order/tickets have been mailed – that is not correct. In our system, in order to complete the order, it must be marked as shipped, but unless you made previous arrangements to have tickets sent to you via Federal Express, your tickets have NOT been mailed and you must pick them up as it states above.

We are so pleased we were able to offer more DCI finals tickets for our wonderful fans to purchase in the 11th hour! Safe travels and we’ll see you in Indi!