Phantom Regiment is known for producing some of the best conductors in the marching arts. In addition to learning conducting skills, our drum major training opportunities include outstanding leadership training – valuable knowledge whether it is your first or fourth year as a student leader.

Drum Major training areas of concentration include:


  • Posture, Baton Grip, Basic Beat Patterns
  • Preparatory / Release Gestures
  • Time Beating Patterns, Divided Patterns
  • Left Hand Cueing, Expressive Gestures
  • Gesture of Syncopation
  • Dynamics and Phrasing
  • 5 Musical Styles
  • Fermatas
  • Score Study


  • Role of the Drum Major
  • Spheres of Influence
  • Leadership vs. Followership
  • Management vs. Leadership

Field Application

  • Field Commands
  • Rehearsal Technique
  • Sound Delay and The Big Stage
  • Showmanship – Salutes, Stage Presence
  • Marching/Drill Fundamentals

Drum Majors…are you ready?

Whether this is your first or fourth year as a drum major, our drum major training experiences will have you motivated and confident to lead your band.

All sessions are geared toward teaching the Phantom Regiment approach to conducting, leadership, and rehearsal techniques. Instruction will include basic and intermediate conducting fundamentals, and leadership theory and application.

For those interested in furthering their career as a drum major in college or with the Phantom Regiment (or another drum corps), this camp is a great way to prepare for those highly regarded positions.

Registration for virtual camps is open NOW. In-person camps coming soon.

Come ready to learn, conduct, and have fun!