Dear Phantom Regiment,
    I had the opportunity to attend a practice session recently in Durand, IL. I was awestruck as to your ability, professionalism and discipline. Spartacus is breathtaking.

    Many years ago Alex Haddad took a bunch of Rockford kids, some talented and some wanna be’s and whipped them into first a parade corp and then a winning entity on the field. Some of those people are still with you today. That was then.

    Most of you are more talented than we ever were, but the same DNA runs through all of us who have marched with the Phantom Regiment. Our guys coined the word S.U.T.A. and that spirit will live in your hearts forever along with the friendships you form with your fellow corp members. This part of your life, you will later find to be one of your most outstanding and cherished experiences. The hard work and discipline you practice now with your music will follow you into life making any chosen vocation easier to attain.

    You are inspiring and awesome. You make us so proud when we see you on the field. You are world class and deserve the number one spot this year. Wishing you a great season!

    Always a fan, Sara Mulvain (Phantomette) circa ’57-61′

P.S. In spite of my comment in Durand, I do believe that drummers (percussionists) are some of the most interesting and colorful people you will meet. 🙂