LINDA RIEBOCK, who was nominated by Phantom Regiment Hall of Fame volunteer Bill Riebock, first joined the Phantom Regiment organization as a volunteer in 1985 when her daughters became part of Phantom Regiment Pre-Cadets.

Her daughters, Sarah and Becky, would later march in Phantom Regiment Cadets and Phantom Regiment. While her daughters aged out, Linda never did. She has been a volunteer and board member for most of the past 35 years.

In her letter supporting the nomination, Phantom Regiment Hall of Fame cook Becky Nelson, said, “Her dedication and willingness to serve is admirable. She sets an example that would behoove many of us to follow.”

Linda’s contributions over the years are many and varied: head bus chaperone, show coordinator for Show of Shows, member of the board of directors, current medical director as well as a volunteer who does whatever is needed at the moment. Among her highlights was Dollar Days, a fundraiser she created in 1987 with the help of fellow hall of famer Kathy Vigna and the board of directors. Corps members simply went door to door in Rockford asking for a $1 donation. The event raised $10,000.

An additional letter of support was written by Rebecca Fahrney.

In her professional life, Linda is a retired nurse and lives in Rockford, Ill.

Join us in celebrating Linda and the rest of the 2020 inductees, November 21, 2020!

Since 2016, the Phantom Regiment Hall of Fame has recognized individuals who have made a significant and long-lasting positive impact on the Phantom Regiment organization at a ceremony in Rockford. We’re committed to continuing this tradition while also taking this opportunity to include even more of our phamily and phans through a virtual event!

Plus, we’re adding some exciting new elements, such as:

  • 2020 Program highlights from the Drum Corps and PR Academy Directors
  • An online auction, with one-of-a-kind items & experiences you can’t find anywhere else
  • VIP Tickets including special experiences and an exclusive, watch-party kit!

Space is limited! So grab your quaran-friends, pair your bowtie with your sweatpants, and get ready for an exciting evening celebrating the craziest year of Phantom Regiment!