From an email we recently received:

My nomination for “Phan of the Month” is Zach Boughton. He is in 10th grade and ever since 9th grade he has loved Phantom Regiment. It all started when a few friends took him to see the world finals at Invesco Field in Denver in 2004. His friends were fixated on one of the other corps, but he was in awe over Phantom.

Zach marched trombone his 8th grade year, baritone his 9th grade year and this year he is the low brass section leader and he marches tuba.

Playing the tuba is the most difficult thing he has ever had to do. All I hear about is how much he wants to be the absolute best he can, so as to prepare for his Phantom Regiment audition in 3 years. He has already made living arrangements for after he graduates high school to go from Denver to McHenry (Illinois) to live with his grandparents so he can go audition!

He tries so hard to be the best at his instrument and in marching band that he has almost no time for anything else other than school. Also, when he went to Drums Along the Rockies this year he spent all the money he saved up for that year to buy as much Phantom Regiment stuff as he could.

For his birthday, all he asked for was that black Phantom hoodie. Yes, he’s a real Phantom Phan, and I should know, I’m his Mom.

Wilma Boughton, Denver, Colorado

Editors Note: Ms. Boughton, you are most certainly right! Congrats Zach, for being chosen as the November Phantom Phan of the Month – and thanks for your great support!

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