So many great stories came our way this month, it was a tough call to choose just one, but Adam and Cody certainly are deserving of the title. Check this out:

I am Adam Thomas. I live in Mt. Juliet, TN and I know your number one fan.

I play trumpet at Wilson Central High School (Lebanon, Tennessee) and Cody Robinson is our Dum Major. From 2001 through 2004 we were your housing site for the Murfreesboro show. Ever since seeing the Phantom Regiment at our school Cody Robinson has been completely enthralled with everything Phantom.

Everything she does is Phantom Regiment related. For christmas she hand made me a pillow that was red, black, and tan. It said PR on one side and had the chevons on the other. It’s awesome. She has every show from the ’90’s memorized from top to bottom and can coduct each one. She has Phantom Regiment clothes, hats and photographs out the ying yang.

She takes her conducting style from Phantom’s conductors. She always stands at ballet third when she’s conducting. Even when she isn’t she usually stands in it while doing anything because it’s so cool. Our band marches in shakos but she doesnt like them. She decided that she would buy a helmet like Phantoms, put on a huge plume and use that as her headwear as drum major. Her salute is a straight up Phantom salute.

One of her greatest friends Andrew Gaskill (who now teaches fundamentals at our band camps) marched in the buicks in 2004 has influenced her as well. Cody plays mellophone and hopes one day to march with Phantom. She is the main reason I love Phantom Regiment too. She introduced me to drum corps.

There is no other corps she would rather be with. Music is a part of her. When she gets out of college she wants to be a high school band director. I’ve never seen someone that loves
Phantom this much. There is nobody more deserving than her in my opinion. She would do anthing to march with you and I know one day she will succeed.

Thanks so much for your consideration. Adam Thomas

Thank YOU, Adam, for nominating Cody and for being such a good friend to her (and for being a great fan yourself!). We’ll be sending you both a gift and we look forward to meeting you next summer.

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