Phantom Regiment is pleased to welcome its newest inductees to the Phantom Regiment Hall of Fame.

The class of 2021 will add three members to the hall of fame: Ken and Barb Janowski (as a couple) and Patrick Seidling. This brings the total number of inductees to 51. There is one criterion for the hall of fame: Someone who has made a significant, long-lasting and positive impact on the Phantom Regiment organization.

KEN AND BARB JANOWSKI, who were nominated by 2020 Phantom Regiment Hall of Fame inductee Linda Riebock, were volunteers from the time their daughters, Jenny and Judy, began marching in the corps in 1988 until “retiring” from the road after the 2019 season.

Barb was a fixture around Phantom Regiment, serving as a bus mom, grocery shopper, uniform washer, friend and volunteer coordinator. Additionally, she was on the board of directors for 20 years, helping provide insight into how things were going on the road for those on the board who were unable to travel with the corps.

She became a friendly face that thousands of members loved, providing a hug or a shoulder to cry on during tour. And with 30 years on tour, she had seen and heard just about everything.

Barb has been the recipient of the corps’ Volunteer of the Year Award in 1999 and the Chevron Award in 2008.

Ken drove a bus for the corps for nearly 15 years before moving to the kitchen. He worked as hard as anyone, washing the buses and trucks, and working in the kitchen even when health challenges made it difficult for him to do so.

And, of course, they were among the corps’ biggest cheerleaders at shows all over the country.

During the winter months, the Janowskis housed many out of town and international members over the years at their home in the south Chicago suburbs.

Before coming to Phantom Regiment, Ken and Barb were volunteers with Illiana Lancers and the Guardsmen when their children were involved, and Ken volunteered with Cavaliers, where their son, John, marched.

In her nomination letter, Linda said of Ken and Barb, “These two have a long and storied history with the corps and have been a staple for so many years. Their service should be honored with membership in the Phantom Regiment Hall of Fame.”

Letters of support were written by Ed Collins and Doug O’Brien.

PATRICK SEIDLING, who was nominated by Phantom Regiment Hall of Famer Dan Farrell, was hired as tour director in 2001 and became the full-time corps director in 2002, continuing in that role through the 2006 season

Pat used that first year on the road to get the know the organization, and he worked hard to study the people and the history of Phantom Regiment to determine what worked well and what needed to improve.

His knowledge and experience as a tour manager and corps director with other corps proved invaluable as he changed the way the corps traveled, and he developed programs that continue to this day. He created History Night for the members, started Phantom Regiment’s Educational Camp program (now Phantom Regiment Academy), and developed strong partnerships with instrument and uniform companies. In his final year with the organization, he helped convince Rick Valenzuela to move from California to Rockford to become development director. Rick would go on to be the executive director for 13 years.

Among the highlights of Pat’s time with Phantom Regiment was a DVD he produced for the organization’s 50th anniversary in 2006. It featured interviews with myriad people who were critical to the success of Phantom Regiment throughout the decades.

He also brought entertainer coaches (aka rock-and-roll buses) to the caravan for the first time, utilizing his connections in the bus industry to make that happen, and sold the organization on a tour to California for the first time since 1981. Pat’s efforts in his first couple years laid the groundwork for a competitive resurgence for the corps over the next half-dozen years.

Pat was named Drum Corps International Director of the Year in 2003.

In his nomination letter, Dan said of Pat: “The mark he left on our organization is very significant, and I think it’s time for him to be recognized for his contributions. He certainly left Phantom Regiment much stronger than he found it.”

Letters of support were written by Phantom Regiment Hall of Famers John Baumgartner and Ron Schulz.

In his professional life, Pat is the West Coast regional sales representative for Stanbury Uniforms. He also is the corps director for the Blue Devils. He lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife, Tamee.

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