The past two months have seen the title “Phantom Phan of the Month” go to very special fans in California. (see links below). This month we’ll bestow the honor to a person right here in our own back yard. Let’s let “Moose” speak for himself:

So let’s see, what qualifies me as a “phan of the month” candidate? I guess that it’s just that I’m just as crazy for the Phantom Regiment as any lifelong, die-hard Cubs fan would be. My parents and family will definitely let ya know (with a slight groan) my dedication to the corps over the years.

I have been watching shows and following the corps since I was around 6 or so (that would be 1976’ish). I definitely feel fortunate to have been born in Rockford, IL, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have even known what the Phantom Regiment was all about.

Whether it was seeing them perform in a parade, or at a show, I always got a thrill knowing that “the Regiment” was there. I was just so blown away by the sound of the corps, especially the low brass. It’s probably why I joined
the hornline (loud is good!). I have so many memories of watching the show of shows over at Boylan High School Stadium. One of which was seeing the busses passing behind the stadium before their performance while the show was going on. It was just the coolest thing. When the Regiment busses passed, I always thought “Cool, here they come”.

When the day came that I had joined the PRC in 1980, and then the Regiment in 1986, I was a hooked member until the day I aged out in 1991. I even marched the 1989 season with a fake tooth that I’d knocked out in the spring. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I wouldn’t have been able to march that year.

Over the years, I got to meet ssoooo many people and went to ssooo many different places that the experiences will live with me forever. To this day, I’m still in contact with people I marched with and I wouldn’t give up those friendships for anything. I usually plan vacations around where the corps will be during the summer.

I proudly wear my Phantom “tag” every day and any shirts / sweaters / jackets that I can still fit into. I still have various pictures, yearbooks, music and souvies from years past and I check them out often. My apartment walls have corps pictures and posters on them. I love talking drum corps with people and letting them know how much of a phantom fan I am and how proud I am for having been a part of it. I just can’t get enough!

If there were no age limit, I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one still marching. I even have the p-r in my e-mail name ([email protected]).

Spring is an exciting time of year for me – not just for the warm weather arriving, but for knowing that drum corps season is just around the corner. Going to watch the corps rehearse over in Beyer Stadium (rest in peace) was always
a cool way to get geared up for the season.

Unfortunately, I’ve moved on to the Chicago suburbs but still make it back when I can to see the corps when I can. Nowadays, I just enjoy watching the corps and hanging out at the alumni activities (wherever they may be).

I have so much more that I could mention about my being such a lifelong fan but I won’t go into that much detail other than to say “Go Phantom!”. SUTA!

Scott “Moose” Woodford

Congratulations and THANKS Moose! A certificate proclaiming your award, a Regiment “skully” knit cap and shirt of your choice are on the way!