Hi everyone!

For those of you that were at the January camp you know about the Schwan’s Cares fundraiser we started. If you did NOT give the Schwan’s representative your email information but would still like to participate in this fundraiser OR you are in the color guard and no nothing about this yet, there is still time to set this up.

The Schwan’s/Phantom Regiment Fundraising page ready for you to create a campaign and start spreading the word.

The directions below explain how to set up your personal campaign so people can support you:
1. Visit Schwans-Cares.com
2. Click on Find a Campaign
3. In the search box, enter Campaign ID or Name: 6959 or Phantom Regiment
4. Select campaign & then click on Join Now at lower right hand corner to join our fundraising team. This will create a campaign for you on the Regiment page
5. Create your personal page (name, photo, personal message)
6. Go to checklist tab & invite friends and family to support you.

The sooner you set up your account the sooner you can start earning.

February 17th April 2nd you will earn 20% of the sales purchased through your Campaign.

April 3rd on you will receive 5% of the sales purchased through your campaign. All Phantom fundraising payment rules apply per your contract.

Here is a letter you can use to explain to people how to order under your name. Please make sure BEFORE you send out the letter you add your own name on Line #6.

Please feel free to contact our representative if you have any questions:

Larry Gaskin
Schwan’s Home Service
Cell: 1-630-701-4344

A reminder – your potential sponsors must go through your OWN personal page in order for you to receive the member dues sponsorship. If they go through the general Phantom Regiment page the funds will offset our fuel fund. The actual funds from Schwan’s comes to us on a quarterly basis so you will not immediately see the sponsorship on your CorpsData account. You can keep track of all sponsors received through the fundraiser by being notified through your fundraising page. This fundraiser is only valid for this year. Any monies received after June 30 will go into the fuel fund. If you need anything from me just let me know.


Lori Valenzuela
Office Manager
[email protected]