183 members on the roster. (94 brass, 55 guard, 34 percussion and 2 conductors).

As of this date (January 18, 2006) there are 103 males and 80 females.

By June 1, all but 12 members will be over 18 years of age.

As of today (1-18-06) all three sections are stasticly the same average age, with the drum line slightly the oldest (19.32 yrs old) and the guard the youngest (an even 19 yrs old). The brass line sits at 19.27 yrs old today. Of the two conductors, one is 18 and one is 20, making their average age 19. Hey…they need a stat too!

The corps currently represents 32 states and the nations of Japan (5), England (2), Holland (1) and Canada (1).

The state providing the corps with the most members is Texas, with 35. Indiana provides 20, Tennessee 13, Florida 12 and Michigan rounds out the top five with 9.

Illinois and Georgia provide 8 members each, Louisiana and Missouri 6 each, and California ties Kentucky and Japan with 5 members each.

There are 95 colleges or universities represented among the membership.

The University of North Texas is the college with the most Regiment members, totalling 13 student-members. Ball State (Indiana) ranks 2nd with 7 members, and the University of Kentucky provides 5.

Other colleges with sizable member draws include Louisiana-Lafayette (4), Austin Peay State University (4), Indiana University (4), and the University of Houston (3).

Louisiana State University and Michigan State University historicly have provided many members, but this year have only 2 each in the corps. We also have a member attending MIT and another about to graduate from Juilliard.