Chers Phans,

Good evening! We just completed a show day at Metamora Township High School in Metamora, Illinois. I am on the bus, and we are departing for Wisconsin to rehearse for a couple days in the UW Whitewater Perkins Stadium! 

Last Friday was our home show at Boylan Catholic High School in Rockford. Show of Shows is always such a special time, because of all the alumni and family that come out to support us doing our thing. It’s like a big reunion.

Every year the color guard alumni come together and bring us treats for after ensemble. This season we got a big goodie bag filled with things to make tour easier, and they brought us a really beautiful cake to chow on!

The corps had a great show that night, followed by an encore, which the color guard got to stand right in front of. It’s truly my favorite place to be to hear Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral.

The next day we marched in three parades for the Fourth of July, including one in Rockford, and then concluded the day with a standstill concert at the Rockford Country Club. This day is special too, because the Country Club has an amazing fireworks show immediately following the concert, and we always get to stay and watch. 

On Sunday we had a show at the Perkins Stadium in Whitewater, Wisconsin after a short yet very productive day of rehearsal. The corps brought a lot of powerful energy and spark to the performance, it was truly a special night. 

After our free time on Monday in Chicago, the Regiment was ready to get back to work. On Tuesday we performed in Dubuque, Iowa, which had very chilly weather. It was nice to be able to cool off for a day, and I found it a lot more easy to focus on the nuances of my show and performance energy without the sun and the heat. 

Although the show in Metamora got rained out today, all of the participating corps still played concert runs of their shows. The color guard had a little bit more free time today, as we had less show prep to do, so we did some maintenance of our show flags and had some much needed bonding time to decompress with each other. Overall it was a very good day. 

The Regiment is very ready to push ahead the next two days in preparation for the big show in Minneapolis on Saturday!

BREAKFAST: Pancakes and Bacon, CBYOJ

LUNCH: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

DINNER: Hamburgers, Beans, Corn, and Pink Cake! (On Wednesdays we wear pink)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Have you ever tried to laugh and frown at the same time?”


Il pleut des grenouilles!

It’s raining frogs! (The French version of raining cats and dogs)

À plus!

Genevieve Gahagan