A mint-condition 1986 48-foot semi-trailer has been purchased and re-modeled into a state-of-the-art equipment trailer, replacing our very aged 1975 model (put into use in 1990).

Through a generous gift from the Kiwanis Club of Rockford, we were able to purchase this much needed vehicle. Our sincere thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Rockford.

The Phantom Regiment also would like to thank the following businesses, organizations and individuals for their contributions of time, labor and finances toward the design and building of this trailer:

Bill Riebock, project manager
John Baumgartner, assistant project manager
Mark Webb, lead carpenter
Marty Webb, assistant carpenter

For labor assistance:

Troy Montgomery, Chuck Rugila, Pat Seidling, Bernie Peel, Ron Wilke and Bob Joosten.

For contributions of materials, financial support and design contributions:

Dave Kisting and National Metal Works, Tim Farrell and Process Graphics, Larson Sheet Metal, Dana Pelan, Home Depot, Drum Corps International, Stock Building Supply, Schmeling Lumber, Woodward Governor Co., Tracy Fritzsching and Octavia Consulting.

New food rig coming soon! Thanks to a generous alumni donation from Dana Pelan and the support of BeefaRoo restaurants, this fall we will begin working on a 1997 model 53-foot semi-trailer to be re-built as our new Food Trailer, replacing our current 1976, 45-foot model.