A few fans in the stands showed concern about the Regiment’s actions during retreat. This was the first year of a new retreat policy that had changed many times up to the very last minute. The idea was to make it more festive not only for the fans, but for the participants as well.

For those interested, the major difference was that corps’ were not allowed to mingle and congregate on the field at the conclusion of the scores being announced. This was in an effort to clear the field as quickly as possible for the champions encore.

Many corps have come to have certain traditions that take place on the field, let alone taking pictures of each other on the “finals” field. Our tradition has been the leaving of the dog tags.

With this new retreat policy, we weren’t going to be able to do that, so instead, Executive Director Rick Valenzuela decided to reverse the procedure for the corps.

Once the corps was introduced and entered onto the field, the dog tag pile began, along with the members taking pictures from the field to remember their time with 2009 PR on Lucas Oil field. This all took place while the other corps were coming onto the field.

Once the drum majors were called front and center, the Regiment does what it always does, and setup the retreat block as stoic as always.

“Doing it this way was by no means was an act of disrespect to any corps or the activity”, says Valenzuela, “but rather to allow our members to continue a tradition that has meant a lot to them. I also wanted them to enjoy each others company and take photos that they could look back in 20 years like they have been able to for the past many years.”

“But once it was time for business, we did and acted like anyone would expect.”