Our 2017 Hero of the Year is……. YOU.

Thanks to you, over 500+ young people from around the globe had a life-changing experience through performing arts education in 2017. On behalf of the local members of the Rockford Rhythm Drumline, students from around the nation who participated in an educational camp, and the members of the 2017 Phantom Regiment Drum Corps, thank you for your cheers, your purchases, your donations, and your support.

Our annual Year-End Campaign is currently under way. For those that received our initial year-end campaign mailing and have already donated – THANK YOU! Let people know you’ve donated on your social media pages and forward this on to your friends to help us increase our donor base.

For those of you who may not be on our mailing list, you can read the year-end letter here.

Our goal is to cover the costs for every student who would like to participate in our performing arts programs. But, as you may know, the cost of equipment, vehicles, food, fuel, and instruments grows higher every year. It is through your support that we can keep the costs to members, students, and schools as low as possible.

Are you ready to provide a young person with a life-changing performing arts experience?