The percussion season for 2008 is finally upon us! The first round of percussion auditions will be taking place this weekend at Huntley High School in Huntley, Illinois.

The weather for this weekend will be a bit chilly, especially for those coming from someplace warm. You’ll be inside all of the time except for when you go to lunch and dinner.

If you haven’t signed up online and/or paid for registration, you can still do so here

Lastly, we would prefer if you sent in a photo by Friday morning. You’ll prefer it too as the line for photos has been known to take a while. 🙂

Have fun and try to stay relaxed! We look forward to meeting you this weekend and showing you a glimpse into the Phantom Regiment 2008!

Map to Huntley High School

Weekend Weather Forecast

Weekend Camp Schedule

When you arrive:

Bring your luggage into the gym.

Proceed to check in and look for the registration lines. Get into the appropriate line, either “Pre-Paid” or “Pay at the Door/Walk In.” You will receive a wristband that you MUST wear all weekend. You will also receive your free Regiment Auditions t-shirt. If you have only paid for an audition packet please get in the “Pay at the Door/Walk In” line to pay for your registration fee. The fee is $125 for new students and $100 for returning vets.

For those that sent your picture in, you are done with check in. Feel free to mingle around and start meeting some new friends!

If you didn’t send your picture in, you will be sent to another line in which you must wait to have your picture taken.

The following numbers are for use starting on Thursday before and through the camp:

Cell #1: 815-540-9737

Cell #2: 815-621-8144

Here are some quick reminders:

If you haven’t already, please be sure to let us know of your arrival and departure times. This is will help us to notify the Van Galder bus company of how many buses they may need on Sunday. You can fill out the information here:

For those flying in and taking the Van Galder bus, the stop for this weekend is Elgin, IL. Once you arrive at the designated bus stop, we will pick you up there in a Pioneer Drum & Bugle Corps bus. Since school is in session at Huntley, we suggest that you plan your trip so that you do NOT get to the Elgin stop until after 3pm. We will not start making pick ups until after 3pm. We will continue until everyone has been picked up. However, if it’s been over a 1/2 hour and no bus has arrived, please call us on one of the numbers above. We will also drop you off at the same bus stop on Sunday as well.

If you have a quick message or question, text messaging might get answered faster.